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For information about facilities rental, please visit TTCs Facilities Rental Guidelines.

By submitting this request, I understand that I am requesting rental space from Trident Technical College.  I further understand that the College has not yet agreed to provide such space and that this request form is not a rental contract.  I agree that the College may, in its sole and absolute discretion, request additional information concerning the proposed use of space before agreeing to the rental and that my failure to provide such information when and as requested may result in consideration of my request being discontinued.

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(See TTC Procedure 7-4-0 Physical Facilities Use by Outside Agencies)

(See TTC Procedure 7-4-1 Physical Facilities, Use by Outside Agencies)

(See TTC Procedure 7-4-2 Physical Facilities: Campus Events With Alcoholic Beverages)


 This request form is merely the first step in renting College facilities and does not constitute a contract.  Trident
Technical College reserves the right to require the provision of additional information in its sole and absolute discretion before entering into a rental agreement.  The College may approve or disapprove this request in its sole and absolute discretion.


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