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You must be advised prior to submitting Request for Certification

You must be registerd for classes prior to submitting Request for Certification

Please upload your latest Award Letter, Certificate of Eligibility or 1905

Incomplete Request for Certifications will be REJECTED. All required documents must be on file before the request will be processed. Any discrepancies between the Request for Certification and my registration record may result in processing delays or rejections of the request. I must notify the Veterans Affairs Office and Veteran Coordinator for any changes made to my account. I understand that a VA Registration Hold will be placed on my account to prevent any changes that can affect my federal or state military/veteran benefits. If for any reason changes are needed, the hold will be removed for a short period of time and the appropriate documentation will be forwarded to the Veterans Affairs Office in a timely manner. I have been counseled on what my particular benefit will cover. I understand that any tuition-based scholarships, waiver, aid, or assistance will be applied first and I am in full understanding of what the limitation of my eligibility is. I understand I must meet the institution's residency status as well as be in compliance with the residency status regulated by the Texas Veterans Commission. I understand that my residency status affects my eligibility for the resident tuition and financial aid at a Texas college or university; if I do not qualify for state residency, I am held responsible for any debt. I understand under the provisions of federal and state education policies, I must maintain a GPA of 2.0 as an undergraduate and a 3.0 for a graduate, in order to continue to receive select veteran education benefits.