Request for Electric Service Upgrade

This is a formal request for electric service to your home or building. It is necessary for your electrical contractor to complete this form. If you are not sure how to classify your service, please contact the Meter Dept. at (413) 536-9364 or the Engineering Dept. at (413) 536-9355.  Please note:  You will receive an email confirmation as soon as the form has been successfully submitted. 

The information provided will be used to establish the applicable rate under which you or your customer will be billed and to receive a meter location for your electrical service. HG&E reserves the right to reject any work performed prior to receipt of this form.

Please take into account that the HG&E requires at least a week for simple services and up to a month for more complex projects to plan, design, provide materials, and perform the necessary construction. Once this form is submitted, your electrical contractor must contact our Field Technician at (413) 536-9355 to outline customer work requirements and conditions necessary to supply electrical service.

Please fill out the electronic form below or fax the PDF version to (413) 536-9353.


Customer Information


Contractor Information


Service Data


Load Breakdown

(please enter values of Kilowatts Connected)