The Merge Course enrollments tool is available for instructors wanting to manage all aspects of teaching multiple sections in a single course environment.

For example, if you are teaching three sections of the same class this semester, you can use the Roster Merge Tool to combine the rosters from all three courses into a single Blackboard course. That way, you only need to post content, communications, etc. in ONE course.

The request may take up to 48 hours to complete. You will be notified via email once your request has been processed and completed.

Definitions & Example of Use:
Parent Course: This is the course you want all the sections to be merged into.
Child Course(s): These are the courses you want to be merged into the Parent Course.

For example, Professor A is teaching COMM1002_001, COMM1002_002 & COMM1002_003. She would like all of her courses to be merged into COMM1002_001.
• The parent course is COMM1002_001.
• The child course(s) is COMM1002_002 & COMM1002_003

To request that the roster(s) of one or more sections be merged into one parent/Master course, please fill in the form below. Please include the course id and section. Ex (Comm1002_001). *Denotes Required