Gas Service/Meter Installation Process

  1. Fill out the application for gas service below.
    Please note:  You will receive an email confirmation as soon as the form has been successfully submitted. 
  2. You will receive a notice of gas availability from HG&E.
  3. If gas is available, hire a heating contractor that will install your desired gas equipment.
  4. You will contacted by HG&E to schedule the service/meter installation.
  5. Once HG&E's work is complete, your heating contractor can complete their work.
  6. Once approved by the plumbing inspector, HG&E can activate your gas service.
  7. Contact HG&E at (413) 536-9300 to coordinate your gas service turn on. 
    (please note:contractor must be present during turn on to start your new equipment)

Application for Gas Service 

If you have any questions regarding this application please contact Customer Service at (413) 536-9300 or Gas Distribution at (413) 536-9404.

I understand that HG&E is not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines or unmarked private utilities.

I understand that the minimum equipment to be installed is an automatic hot water heater. Services are not installed to run gas dryers and/or ranges exclusively unless the customer agrees to be billed $24.00 per foot for the service.

I hereby apply for gas heating service to be installed by the City of Holyoke Gas & Electric Department at the above premises in accordance with its rates as filed with the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy.

I understand that the Gas & Electric Department will install up to 100 feet of service from the street to the house and install a meter at no cost and the service is to be in use within 30 days of installation or I will be billed $24.00 per foot of service. I understand that I will be billed the minimum bill once the meter is installed. I understand that I will be billed $24.00 per foot of service pipe installed in excess of 100 feet of service. The Gas & Electric Department reserves the right to amend this condition based upon the complexity of the installation prior to any work being performed.

I understand that the trench line will be back filled, returned to grade and raked out. I understand that the department will not use loam or sod to repair the trench line. The homeowner is also responsible to inform the Department of underground facilities not controlled by other utilities, including septic systems, wells, water lines, drain lines, and electrical lines.

I hereby apply to the City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Department for gas and/or electric service, to be serviced at the address herein described and, upon request, at any other local address to which he or she may move. The applicant agrees to pay for said services as bills are rendered therefore in accordance with rates, rules and regulations filed with the proper state regulatory body and in effect at the time of delivery and to provide access to their net.