Time for a tune-up? Refresh your EDGE!

Every good system requires maintenance!

EDGE for Outlook alumni are invited to take part in a one hour, info-packed EDGE refresher webinar. Reclaim your time, eliminate overwhelm, and boost your energy! We will brush up on powerful concepts such as:

  • Using the 4D's to make fast decisions and empty your inbox
  • Working from a categorized task list instead of your head
  • Maintaining a "Mind Like Water" for heightened focus and work flow

If you are needing a refresher on Lotus Notes EDGE concepts, please inquire about options at 512.474.5200 or email info@effectiveedge.com.

Dates and Times. Click date to register! 

19 January, 2018 10am-11am CST

23 February, 2018 1pm-2pm CST

9 March, 2018 10am-11am CST

20 April, 2018 1pm-2pm CDT

25 May, 2018 10am-11am CDT

22 June, 2018 1pm-2pm CDT

20 July, 2018 10am-11am CDT

24 August, 2018 1pm-2pm CDT

21 September, 2018 10am-11am CDT

26 October, 2018 1pm-2pm CDT

9 November, 2018 10am-11am CST


If you have questions please contact Stephenie Rockwell at 512-474-5200 x 109 or stephenie.rockwell@effectiveedge.com.

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